Where to Go for Inspiration


London is full of creative crevices, nooks and crannies (writers enclaves, filmmaker’s meetups, knitting groups, freelancer living rooms, designer’s workshops). But preceding the work they do, creatives need both space and time for their ideas themselves to form. Inspiration doesn’t always happen while you’re working away sat in front of Adobe Photoshop with your laptop on your kitchen table; it’s important to get away from your workspace in order to come back to it.

Creative Londoners asked some creative industry workers where they get their inspiration.

Creative Londoners: Where are you when your best ideas come to you?

Crissy Bogusz, motion graphics designer for Vogue, says:

There is no correlation between where I physically am and my best creative ideas. They are all completely random – in my bedroom, on my sofa, walking in the park, in the midst of working on another project. But there is a correlation in where I am in an emotional sense – my best ideas come to me when I’m at my most inspired. So if I do happen to be in my room, on my sofa, or working on another job at the time, I’ll be doing something that ignites some interest in me, which inspires motivation for the creative process to begin.”


Chirolles Khalil, filmmaker and Central Saint Martins graduate, says:

I usually like to remove myself from crowded areas so that I can hear my thoughts. I am a big fan of being in open spaces; deserts are great, any shore is good, or if I’m stuck in the city I find myself being creative when I’m alone on the tube, or wandering through the streets at night, those kinds of settings. I enjoy them and find them to be a fun playground in which my thoughts can be given space to form.”


Sakura, London-based singer-songwriter, says:

I really love travelling. I feel most inspired by being surrounded in nature and stimulated by new experiences. I was recently in Indonesia backpacking and brought a little travel guitar with me and wrote quite a few new songs which I’m excited to showcase.”